Setting up provider schedules
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Every provider using the TELUS Health Collaborative Health Record (CHR) has their own schedule. You must configure working hours for each provider by specifying the days, times, location (virtual or in-person), and appointment types available for booking.

Standard vs flexible schedules

Providers can have standard schedules and/or flexible schedules set up in the CHR. Flex hours and standard working hours within a schedule cannot overlap. You are advised by the system when this occurs.

Use standard schedules for providers who have the same schedule every week. For example, Doctor Dogood sees new patients Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 am to 4 pm and all her follow-up patients every Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. For more information about setting up standard schedules, see Adding standard provider schedules.

Use flex schedules for provider schedules that are not consistent. You can add flex hours on a one-off basis. For example, Doctor Dogood wants to see all her waitlisted patients this coming Saturday. You therefore create a flex schedule for Saturday. Or, for example, you work every Tuesday but your hours and types of appointments you offer change weekly. You therefore create a flex schedule for every Tuesday. For more information, see Adding flex hours to provider schedules.

You can use flex schedule templates when you use a flex schedule on multiple dates or for multiple providers (such as a 'Saturday clinic' template). Another example where a flex template is useful is when a provider trains students one Wednesday of the month. Create a flex schedule template 'Student training' and apply it to their schedule. You can create and apply templates to multiple provider schedules on different dates. For more information, see Creating flex schedule templates.

Vacation and off time

You can add vacation, off time, or any other non-clinical commitment to a provider's schedule at any time and these hours can overlap with any configured standard or flex working hours.

You can apply time off on a one-off basis. You can block these days off either from the schedule itself (see Adding and removing time off in the schedule), or from the scheduling settings (see Scheduling time off). Similar to flex templates, you can create time off or vacation templates. For example, each provider gets one week of vacation in the summer, create a 'Vacation' template, and apply it to provider schedules as needed. See Creating templates for blocking time off in provider schedules.

Updated December 30, 2021

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