📌 Note: You must have Scheduling Settings permissions to modify schedules for your clinic. See Modifying a user's permissions.

You can modify flex schedule templates when clinic schedules change. For example, your practice offers Saturday clinics twice a month from 8 am - 5 pm and uses a 'Saturday clinic' template. You want to change the schedule to a morning clinic (8 am - 11 am) twice a month.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Scheduling > Hours.

  2. Click Flex Templates.
    The Flexible Schedule Template window appears.

  3. To delete a template, search for and click X next to it.

  4. To modify a template, search and select it.
    The Edit Flexible Schedule Template appears.

  5. From here, you can change the template name.

  6. Click on the working hour block to modify the working hours.
    The Update Work Hour window appears.

  7. From here you can modify the location, start and end times, colour on the schedule, slot, intervals, stacking and appointment types that are offered during the specified working hours.

  8. Click Save.

  9. To save the updates to the template click Save again.

The next time you apply the template it will contain your changes.

Updated September 10, 2021

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