📌 Note: You must have Scheduling Settings permissions to set up provider schedules for your clinic. See Modifying a user's permissions.

Once you have created flex schedule templates for your clinic (see Creating flexible working hour templates), you can apply them to any date(s) and/or provider(s).

Flex schedule templates are ideal for providers with schedules that change all the time. A provider can have a combination of standard (fixed hours) and flex schedules configured. For example, Dr Dogood has a fixed schedule on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and every third Tuesday runs a special cancer cases clinic (flex schedule template is called 'Special clinics').

Another example: if your practice runs an addiction clinic on Mondays that all clinic providers take turns staffing, create a template and apply it to each provider’s schedule, as required.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Scheduling > Hours.

  2. Click Flex Templates.
    The Flexible Schedule Template window appears.

  3. Search for and select a template you want to apply from the list.

  4. From the Schedule Practitioners list, select one or more providers who the template should be applied to.

  5. Under Dates, click +Add Dates.

  6. From the pop up calendar, click the dates that the template should be applied to and click Select.

  7. The selected dates appear in the list.

    💡 Tip: From here you can edit the template name and working hours. See Modifying flex schedule templates.

  8. Click Apply.

    A Confirm window appears.

  9. Click Okay to apply the flex schedule template to provider schedules.

    Once the working hours are added to provider(s) schedules, a Create Multiple Schedules window appears showing you if the setup was successful.

    📌 Note: If an Invalid error appears it means that the provider already has working hours set up in their schedule for the specific dates/times. The system does not override the already configured schedule and therefore does not apply the template.

Updated September 10, 2021

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