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Viewing and modifying a provider's flexible working hours
Viewing and modifying a provider's flexible working hours
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You can view, change, and delete flexible working hours that were applied to a provider’s schedule, whether they were added as a one-off or applied using a template.

For example, if you have an occasional Saturday clinic and the hours change or the clinic is cancelled altogether for one Saturday only, you can quickly make the change to the affected provider’s schedule.

💡 Tip: If you used a flex schedule template to apply flexible hours to multiple provider schedules, you can delete all instances where the template was applied instead of going into each provider’s scheduling settings individually. For more information, see Viewing and deleting flex templates from provider schedules.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Scheduling > Hours.

2. Next to the provider’s name, click Edit and then select Flex.

3. A list of all flexible hours applied to the provider's schedule appears.

4. To delete flexible hours, click the x next to the hours you want to delete. When prompted, click Okay to confirm you want to delete the hours.

5. To modify flexible hours, click on the row you want to modify. Make your changes (for example, change the date or duration) and click Save. See Adding flexible working hours to provider schedules for more information about the individual fields.

6. When you are finished, Close the flexible hours window.

7. Refresh your browser to see the applied changes in the provider’s schedule.

Updated February 7, 2022

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