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Viewing the print and fax history of a prescription
Viewing the print and fax history of a prescription
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Each time a prescription is printed or faxed, it is recorded in the history. You can easily access this history from the list of a patient's prescriptions, to see when a prescription was faxed or printed. This is helpful if you want to confirm a prescription was faxed successfully, or if the patient or pharmacy reports they did not receive the prescription.

If the prescription was printed, you can see name of the person who printed it. If the prescription was faxed, you can see the number it was faxed to and the status of the fax.

📌 Note: When you fax a prescription, if you manually type a fax number instead of selecting an existing facility from the list, it is not recorded in the fax history.


1. Click Prescriptions from the Start/Open menu or the Quick Menu in the dashboard to open the list of the patient's prescriptions.

💡 Tip: Prescriptions that were printed or faxed appear with a print or fax icon to the left.

2. Click the clock icon beside a prescription to open the History of that prescription.

Each instance of printing or faxing is displayed, with the most recent at the top of the list.

3. Click Close when you are finished.

💡 Tip: the Fax History button that displays when faxing a prescription is not the same as the prescription transmission History. The Fax History shows the last 10 pharmacies that were used to fax a prescription for the patient. It does not show when a specific prescription was faxed. See Faxing prescriptions for more information.

Updated April 20, 2022

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