Faxing prescriptions
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🎞️ View video tutorial: Faxing prescriptions (provider workflow)

🎞️ View video tutorial: Faxing or printing signed prescriptions (staff workflow)

While creating a prescription, or after the fact, you can fax, print, or download or open a PDF copy of the prescription to provide to the patient or pharmacy.

You can sign and fax a prescription in one step, or fax a prescription after it has been signed. The pharmacy you are faxing the prescription to must exist in your Contacts list, or you can manually enter a fax number to send a one-time fax.

💡 Tip: Prescriptions that were faxed appear with a fax icon to the left in the list of the patient's prescriptions (Start/Open > Prescriptions). However, if you print the prescription afterwards, the print icon replaces the fax icon.


1. Click the fax button from the Prescription Dialog or the Prescriptions area of the encounter. After the prescription is signed, you can also fax it from the list of the patient's prescriptions (Start/Open > Prescriptions).

📌 Note: If the prescription hasn't been signed, it will be signed when you click the button to fax it.

2. The fax prescription window appears, where you can specify the fax recipient.

💡 Tip: If the patient has a preferred pharmacy recorded, it is automatically selected for you. You can change it, if necessary.

3. Click into the field and begin typing to search for a facility or contact to fax the prescription to. Select the pharmacy from the list of matches.

💡 Tip: Click Send History to see and select from the last 10 pharmacies that were used to fax a prescription for this patient. This is helpful if the patient has more than one preferred pharmacy - for example, one close to work and one close to home.

To fax the prescription to a pharmacy that is not stored in your Contacts list, manually type the fax number in the field. (If it is a pharmacy that you will be using again, you should first add it to your Contacts.)

4. Click Send.

The prescription is queued up to be faxed. You can monitor the status of the fax from the Outbox, or from the outgoing fax widget (see Showing or hiding the outgoing fax widget).

Updated June 6, 2022

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