🎞️ View video tutorial: Faxing or printing signed prescriptions (staff workflow)

While creating a prescription, or after the fact, you can print, fax, or download or open a PDF copy of the prescription to provide to the patient or pharmacy.

You can sign and print a prescription in one step, or print a prescription after it has been signed.


1. Click the print button from the Prescription Dialog or the Prescriptions area of the encounter. After the prescription is signed, you can also print it from the list of the patient's prescriptions (Start/Open > Prescriptions).

📌 Note: If the prescription hasn't been signed, it will be signed when you click the button to print it.

2. Your browser's print dialog opens, where you can see a preview of the prescription.

💡 Tip: If the patient has a preferred pharmacy recorded, it is included as the intended recipient on the prescription.

3. Click Print to print the prescription.

Updated September 21, 2021

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