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Correcting patient demographics on a bill (Ontario)
Correcting patient demographics on a bill (Ontario)
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Whether you are notified of incorrect patient information (name, gender, date of birth, health card number) before or after submission to MDBilling and the Ministry of Health, you can correct the patient demographics and update it within the provincial bill.


1. To change the information in the patient chart, open the provincial bill and under Patient/Identification, click the person icon.
The patient chart opens.

a. Click Update Information and modify the patient demographics (e.g. OHIP number).

⚠️ Important: Making changes in the patient chart does not automatically change the refused/rejected bill.

b. Click Save.

c. Open the claim again and under Patient/Identification, click the patient name.

A Patient Information window appears.

d. Click the refresh button at the top right to apply changes made to the patient chart to the existing claim.

2. To change the information in one specific bill, open the provincial bill.
a. Click the patient name and change the relevant information in the Patient Information window.
b. Click outside the window.

⚠️ Important: This method does not update the demographics in the patient chart, only in the one bill. This is useful when you are billing for a service provided in the past where the patient's health card was different on that date.

3. Once you have made adjustments, change the status of the claim to Ready to Submit and click Save.

Updated November 23, 2021

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