Categorizing lab reports
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We recommend tagging (or categorizing) each report, diagnostic imaging, or other documents that you receive and save in a patient’s chart. This enables standardizing your domain and facilitates searching for content. Report categories or tags are specific to the TELUS Health Collaborative Health Record (CHR) and not the lab vendor. You can categorize lab reports from the Inbox when you receive them or from the patient chart (Patient Files section) once they are saved in a patient chart.

📌 Note: In Ontario, when receiving reports from Hospital Report Manager (HRM), you can configure automatic categorization. For more information, see Configuring auto-categorizing of HRM reports (Ontario).

💡 Tip: You can use the CHR's Analytics feature to query or search for specific tags. For more information, see Analytics dashboards.


  1. From the Inbox or the patient's chart > Patient Files section, open the report.

  2. At the bottom of the report, click Edit.

  3. Navigate to the Tags heading and select the file tags you want. For more information about adding or customizing tags, see Configuring file tags.

The report is now categorized with that tag. In the Patient Files section of the patient chart, the report is filed under the corresponding tab for that tag.

💡 Tip: Tabs appear only if the patient has a document or report that was categorized with the corresponding file tag.

Updated: March 31, 2022

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