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Health Report Manager (HRM) reports contain metadata which details the type of report. These descriptions are not often worded in a way that is CHR friendly. Each sending organization may categorize the same type of report differently, since they do not use a common vocabulary.

You can set categorization rules, or mappings, to automatically tag specific HRM reports.

📌 Notes:

  • You can also manually categorize a report using the Edit button when viewing the report within your inbox. See Categorizing lab reports.

  • Once you configure auto-categorizations, they only affect reports moving forward. They do not affect reports that were reviewed already.

You can create mappings for medical reports based on sending facility and subclass. And for diagnostic imaging, based on sending facility and accompanying subclass. For example, x-ray and then chest x-ray.

Each clinic is responsible for their own mappings, based on the sending facilities from which you receive reports.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > OntarioMD > Settings tab.

  2. Under the Reports Categorization heading, click Add Rule.

  3. From the Class list, choose Class, Sub-Class or Facility.

  4. Choose Equals or Includes & add the value.

  5. From the Select Tag to Add list, choose a file tag. For more information about adding new file tags, Configuring file tags.

    In the example above, if HRM sends a rheumatology consultation report with the title "medical record report -108^Office Progress Summary Rheumatology", you can apply the following categorization mapping:

    • Sending Facility equals 4864 (usually a number).

    • Class equals Medical Records Report.

    • Subclass includes ^108 Office Progress Summary Rheumatology. Ensure the syntax matches exactly.

    • Apply Tag Rheumatology (This is a domain specific tag). For more information about adding new file tags, see Configuring file tags.

    It is important to know the class and subclass otherwise a tag may not be mapped appropriately.

    📌 Note: You can find sending facility IDs by opening the report > Details > and then find the ID under the Sending Facility ID field.

    Updated May 17, 2022

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