Deleting provincial bills (Ontario)
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You can remove a provincial bill that you created in error.

Before you submit a bill to MDBilling, you can delete or edit it.

After you submit a bill to MDBilling, you can delete but not edit it.

You cannot delete a bill/claim once it has been submitted to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

You can delete bills only from the patient chart and not from the Visits or Billing dashboard.

📌 Note: To edit any bill, click to open it, adjust the bill accordingly and click Save.


1. From the patient chart, click Start/Open > Insured Payments.

2. Locate the bill you want to delete and click the trash can icon to delete it.

⚠️ Important: If you delete a bill in the CHR that has been submitted to MDBilling but not the MOH, make sure to archive it in MDBilling.

Created November 9, 2021

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