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Customizing the text on your eReferral portal
Customizing the text on your eReferral portal
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If you allow patients or providers outside of your clinic to submit referrals electronically, via the eReferral portal to your TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) domain, you can customize the text on each of the site pages. For example, you can customize how questions are asked and provide additional instructions where needed.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Custom Text.

2. Click E-Referral.

3. Find the description you want to edit and click the gear icon. The Edit window appears.

4. In the Main Phrase and Extra Detail fields, add text and click Save.

📌 Note:The grey text you see is an example, it may not be what is by default set for your eReferral portal page.

In the Edit column, the status of the site text changes from Default to Customized.

💡 Tips:

  • Click the trash can icon to remove your edits and get back to the default text.

  • Extra text can be added under the main phrase in smaller font.

    The following table describes the customizable text options.


Image with default phrase

Main Frame Title

Referral Option Title

Referral Option Existing Provider, New Provider, Self Referral Buttons

Existing Clinician Search Title

Clinician Form Title

Clinician Review Title

Billing Number Name

Patient Form Title

Referral Reason Title

📌 Note: Extra text can be added under the main phrase in smaller font.

Referral Form Details Title

Review Referral Title

Review Referral Patient Details Title,

Review Referral Clinician Details Title,

Review Referral Details Title

Review Referral Submit Button

Finished View Title

Finished View Button

Passcode Failed Message Title

Failed to Authenticate

Passcode Failed Message Body

Failed to Authenticate with passcode. Please contact the clinic to receive the passcode.

Updated March 14, 2022

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