Logging in to TELUS CHR Intake
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Once you downloaded TELUS CHR Intake onto your clinic's mobile device (tablet or cell phone), logging in is easy. Enter your clinic's CHR domain address (such as testclinic.inputhealth.com) along with the email address and password that you use to log in to the CHR. Any active CHR user can log in to the app.


1. On your iOS or Android device, open TELUS CHR Intake. The login screen appears.

2. Enter your CHR Domain address, Email address, and Password.

📌 Note: Stay Logged In is selected by default. If you don't want to remain logged in your clinic's TELUS CHR Intake, clear the checkbox.

💡 Tip: You can change the Stay Logged In default in the TELUS CHR Intake settings. From the app's home screen, select Settings and toggle Stay Logged In on or off.

3. Select Login. A welcome screen appears.

📌 Note: You can change the clinic name that appears on the welcome screen in your CHR settings. See Customising your TELUS CHR Intake.

4. To log out of TELUS CHR Intake, from the home page, select Settings and click Log out.

Updated March 6, 2022

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