Refuting an allergy
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If an allergy turns out to be false, such as subsequent use did not cause a reaction, you can refute it. The allergy remains on the patient chart with a status of refuted.

📌 Note: To delete an allergy and remove it from the chart permanently (for example, if it was entered in error), click the trash icon.


1. In the patient's chart, from the Quick Menu or the Start/Open menu, click Allergies.

2. Select the allergy to be refuted and change the Status to Refuted.

3. Optionally enter Comments to explain why you are refuting the allergy.

4. Click Save. The allergy remains in the list of the patient's allergies, but shows the status of Refuted.

💡 Tip: You can see when the allergy was originally recorded and when it was subsequently refuted by viewing the history of the allergy. See Viewing the history of an allergy for more information.

Updated November 30, 2021

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