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Viewing transaction details in submitted claims (PEI)
Viewing transaction details in submitted claims (PEI)
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Once you have submitted a provincial bill to Health PEI (i.e. saving a bill with the status of Ready To Submit), an information icon displays at the top-right corner of the billing items. Click the icon to view the claim's transaction details for the specific billing item. This is particularly useful when you want to see when you were paid. or when you want to see the history of changes made to a bill, for example the bill was submitted, it came back refused, changes were made to the bill and resubmitted, and then you got paid.


1. Open a provincial bill and click the information icon next to the billing item.
A Transaction Details window opens.

💡 Tip: If you cannot see all the details, you can either adjust the size of the columns. Click and drag the grey divider line between the columns. Alternatively you can hover over the specific item to see more details.

2. You can see the following information:




This indicates whether the transaction was going out from the CHR or into the CHR.

Out: the claim is outgoing to Health PEI (HPEI).

IN: the claim or information on the claim is coming into the CHR from HPEI.


This status changes as the claim is processed.

Claim submitted to HPEI (Out):

  1. Queued: claim is saved with the claim status of Ready to Submit. The claim has a CHR Source ID assigned but has not yet been submitted to HPEI.

  2. Prepared and Processed: claim is pushed to HPEI and is being prepared and processed.

  3. Submitted: claim is successfully submitted to HPEI. The claim now has a claim # assigned.

Claim processed and returned to the CHR (In):

  1. Refused: if the claim is sent back to the CHR after submission. The user can correct and re-submit the claim.

  2. Process: claim is still in process.

  3. Paid: claim is paid by Health PEI.

  4. Cancelled or Reversed: claim is not paid due to incorrect information.

Paid Amount

The amount paid by Health PEI.

Processed At

The date and time for the specific transaction.

Claim #

A claim number is assigned once the status changes to Submitted.

This number can be used when referencing a claim, e.g. in the claim appeal process.

Source ID

This ID is generated in the CHR when the claim is created, e.g. CHR123.

📌 Note: To see the raw data of the transaction, click the downward arrow and select Show Raw Data.

Created: December 22, 2021

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