If you're a provider who works at a clinic located in a rural region, and you're entitled to the rural retention benefit, you can set your rural retention code to display on your bills by default - saving you (or staff billing on your behalf) from having to select your rural retention code for each service code you bill.

📌 Note: Only providers can set this default for themselves (other users cannot set it for them.)


1. In the CHR main menu, click Settings > Billing.

2. Under Public Billing Providers, beside Teleplan select the Edit icon.

3. In the Teleplan credentials window, in the Rural Retention Code drop-down, select your clinic's rural retention code (area).

4. If you work out of multiple clinic locations that share the same CHR system, to set the default rural retention code for a specific location, under Additional Setting By Location, click the location and then, in the Rural Retention Code drop-down, select the clinic's rural retention code (area).

5. Click Authenticate.

Updated: January 11, 2022

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