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Uploading patient files in TELUS CHR Mobile
Uploading patient files in TELUS CHR Mobile
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Using TELUS CHR Mobile, you can easily take a photo during an encounter and securely upload it to the Patient Files section of a patient's chart. The photo is immediately stored in the CHR and removed from your device.

📌 Note: you cannot upload files larger than 15MB.


1. Search for and select the patient to open the chart, and then select Patient Files. (For more information, see Viewing and navigating patient charts in TELUS CHR Mobile).

💡 Tip: you can also upload a file from the appointment. Open the appointment and select Take Photo.

2. Select + in the bottom right corner to add a new file.

  • To take a photo, select the camera icon.

  • To upload a photo on your device, select Choose From Gallery.

⚠️ Important: If you use an existing photo, the photo remains intact on your device and is not deleted after it is uploaded to the CHR. For security and confidentiality reasons, we strongly recommended taking a new photo for all patient photos.

3. Enter the details of the file. For example, change the file name, add a description, and file tags.

💡 Tip: Select Show additional fields to change the Owner, Abnormal count, and the date and time of upload.

4. Select Upload. The file appears in the Patient Files list and a message that the file was uploaded successfully is displayed.

Updated July 8, 2022

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