Using TELUS CHR Mobile, you can open a patient's chart to view their demographics, summary, patient files, and to call the patient from your mobile device.


1. Select the Patients icon from the main menu, and then search for and select a patient. For more information, see Searching for patients in TELUS CHR Mobile.

2. At the top of the window, you can see the patient's avatar, name, ID, sex, and date of birth.

3. To call the patient from your mobile device, select Call the patient. If there is more than one phone number available for the patient, select the appropriate phone number from the list. Then, at the bottom of the window, select Call.

💡 Tip: #31# is automatically prefixed to the number that is dialed, so that your phone number is hidden from the patient.

4. To view the patient's demographic information, select General Info. Once there, select Edit if you wish to make any changes.

5. To view the patient summary, select Summary and then select the summary section you want to view. For more information, see Viewing the patient summary.

📌 Note: not all summary sections are currently available in TELUS CHR Mobile.

6. To view files attached to a patient chart, select Patient Files. The list of files appears. Select a category from the top to filter the files to only those with that file tag. Select a file from the list to view it. See Viewing and managing patient files for more information.

From here you can also add patient files and edit an existing file. For more information, see Uploading patient files in TELUS CHR Mobile.

Updated July 20, 2022

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