You can access the summary view of a patient's chart from TELUS CHR Mobile, and customize how the summary is displayed. The summary in TELUS CHR Mobile is read-only; you cannot add or update data from the summary.

📌 Note: not all summary sections are currently available in TELUS CHR Mobile.


1. Search for and select the patient to open the chart, and then select Summary. (For more information, see Viewing and navigating patient charts in TELUS CHR Mobile).

📌 Note: Sections that are not currently supported are displayed in grey with an icon of a mobile phone with a strike-through. Sections with no data are grey and indicate there are (no records).

2. Select the Summary section to expand it and view the information. For some sections (such as Files, Patient Data, and Allergies) you can select an item from the list to view more detail. For other sections, only summary information is displayed (for example, you cannot select an encounter summary to view the entire encounter note).

3. To customize the order of sections or which sections are displayed, select the settings (gear) icon at the top right of the Summary.

  • To show or hide Summary sections, slide the corresponding toggle on or off.

  • To change the order of the sections, select and drag the section in the list.

4. To customize which lab values are displayed in the list of Lab Results, expand that section in the Summary and select the settings (gear) icon for that section.

a) Search for a lab result using the search field at the top and then select the checkbox.

💡 Tip: At the top of the window you can see the number of lab results you have selected. Tap the Show text to review the results you've selected so far. Ones that you have not selected are not displayed. To return to the full list, select Show all.

b) Select Ok when you are finished.

Updated December 07, 2022

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