Enabling PrescribeIT® for the clinic
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📌 Note: PrescribeIT® is currently available only for TELUS CHR users in PEI. It will be more widely available in the future.

Before any provider can send prescriptions electronically using PrescribeIT®, the service must be enabled in your clinic's CHR. Following clinic activation, each provider must be individually enabled in the CHR.

📌 Note: Your clinic and each provider must first register for PrescribeIT® by contacting TELUS Health. We then perform the clinic activation for you and configure TELUS CHR accordingly. These steps are for reference only.

You must have the PrescribeIT Organization Settings permissions to set up PrescribeIT® for the clinic.


1. From the main menu, choose Settings > PrescribeIT.

2. Your clinic location(s) appears. Click Register.

3. Type your clinic's Provider Registry ID into the field, and select the Enable Services checkbox.

📌 Note: If you do not select Enable Services, you can authenticate your Provider Registry ID but PrescribeIT® will not be enabled for the clinic.

4. Click Authenticate. If the clinic exists in the Provider Registry, a window displays the clinic information and the services the clinic is registered for. Click Confirm.

📌 Note: If there is no match or the Provider Registry ID is already in use, an error appears.

5. The Provider Registry ID is displayed and the button now shows Re-Authenticate. Click Save.

6. The location now displays in the list with its Provider Registry ID.

You can click the pencil icon to view the organization's Provider Registry details, or x to delete the location from the PrescribeIT settings.

💡 Tip: If you ever need to temporarily disable PrescribeIT® for the clinic but do not want to remove it completely, click the pencil icon and clear the Enable Services checkbox.

Updated July 29, 2022

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