📌 Note: PrescribeIT® is currently available only for TELUS CHR users in PEI.

Before any provider can send prescriptions electronically using PrescribeIT®, the service must be enabled for your clinic. Following clinic activation, each provider must be individually enabled. TELUS Health performs this activation for you at the time when you register for the service and configures your TELUS CHR accordingly.

If a provider joins the clinic after PrescribeIT® is already enabled, clinic administrators can activate individual providers through their user account settings. To configure a provider's account for PrescribeIT®, the provider must have:

📌 Note: We recommend providers set up two-factor authentication before the clinic administrator enables PrescribeIT® for that provider.


1. From the main menu, choose Settings > Account.

2. From the Users List, click Edit beside the provider you wish to activate for PrescribeIT®.

3. In the General tab, ensure the correct License Number is entered for this provider, and select the Licensing Body if one isn't already set.

4. In PrescribeIT tab, select a PrescribeIT Role from the list.

5. Type the provider's Provider Registry ID into the field and click Authenticate.

6. If the provider exists in the Provider Registry, a window displays the provider's information and the services the provider is registered for. Click Confirm.

📌 Note: if there is no match or the Provider Registry ID is already in use, an error appears.

7. The Provider Registry ID is displayed and the button now shows Re-Authenticate. Select Enable Services and then click Submit.

📌 Note: if you do not select Enable Services, you can authenticate your Provider Registry ID but PrescribeIT® will not be enabled for the provider.

📌 Note: if two-factor authentication is not enabled for the provider, or is enabled but set up to use email, an error message appears and you cannot enable PrescribeIT® for this provider.

8. You are prompted to enter your password to save the changes.

The provider is now configured for PrescribeIT®.

Updated March 16, 2022

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