📌 Note: PrescribeIT® is currently available only for TELUS CHR users in PEI. It is a beta feature, available to PEI prescribers in order to test and provide feedback. It will be more widely available once the beta period is complete.

You can search the Provider Registry for pharmacies to find those who are registered for PrescribeIT® and import or update their details in your facilities list (see Adding or updating pharmacies from the Provider Registry). But, if a pharmacy is already in your facilities list and you know the pharmacy's Provider Registry ID, you can manually link the pharmacy to the one from the Provider Registry instead of searching for it.


1. From the main menu, click Contacts and then select the pharmacy from the list.

2. Click the pencil icon to edit the pharmacy.

3. Type the Provider Registry ID and press Tab.

4. The Potential match from Provider Registry window appears, comparing the information for the pharmacy in your local facilities list with the information in the Provider Registry.

📌 Note: if the Provider Registry ID is already used for another pharmacy in your local facilities list, a message appears and you cannot link this pharmacy.

Any fields that do not match are shown in red. By default, all listed fields will automatically be updated in your CHR. If you do not want to update the information in your CHR with the information from the Provider Registry, clear the checkbox.

📌 Note: you cannot clear the checkbox for the Fax, Registry ID, or Services fields. If these fields are different in the Provider Registry, they must be updated in your local facilities list.

5. Click Update to update the pharmacy in your local facilities list with the selected information and link the pharmacy. If these are not the same pharmacy and you do not want to link them, click Cancel.

6. Click Save to save the changes.

Updated March 16, 2022

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