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Assigning documents and faxes to a provider
Assigning documents and faxes to a provider
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It is important to assign all incoming documents and faxes to a provider for their review. When you assign the document, you can also send it to the provider's inbox so that they are notified of a document awaiting their review. By assigning each document to a provider you can easily see who on the patient’s care team is working on that item.

💡 Tip: You can make assigning a provider mandatory; this ensures you do not forget this important step. See Requiring an owner for all documents.

From the Patient Files section of the chart, you see who is the owner of each document.


  1. From the Inbox or patient chart > Patient Files section, click the document or fax to open it.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Beside the Owner heading, click and select the provider from the list.

    The new provider is now assigned to the document and their name and photo appear.

  4. To send the provider an inbox notification, select Notify New Owner. The fax or document is sent to the provider's inbox as a new item. If Notify New Owner is not selected, the provider is assigned to the document for reference but they are not notified.

    📌 Note: The CHR remembers your last used selection. If you edit a document and select Notify New Owner, the next time you edit a document it will be selected. Always verify that it is selected as you want.

  5. Click Save.

Updated June 23, 2022

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