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Requirements to connect to the Netcare Portal from the CHR
Requirements to connect to the Netcare Portal from the CHR
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Connecting to the Netcare Portal from the CHR requires the following registration and setup.

  • Netcare registration: You must have already registered for Netcare and obtained an RSA SecurID fob and a username and password for Netcare.

  • CHR Netcare Portal integration configuration: An administrator must enable the Netcare Portal integration in the CHR for the clinic, and each user must enter their Netcare user ID. For more information, see Configuring the Alberta Netcare Portal integration.

  • Citrix Workspace software: Alberta Health provides connectivity to the Netcare Portal through a Citrix Workspace application. Citrix allows users to run applications on a remote server, without having that application installed on their local computer. In this case, the CHR launches the default web browser on your workstation which in turn opens the Citrix Workspace software in another window. This final Citrix window is where you log into the Netcare Portal. It appears as an Internet Explorer web browser, which is actually running on the Netcare server and not on your local workstation. When you configure the Netcare Portal in the CHR, there is a link to the Citrix website to view installation instructions and download the software (

⚠️ Important: You must be an administrator on your workstation to install the Citrix Workspace application.

Updated June 3, 2022

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