If you are an authorized Netcare user, you can log on to the Netcare Portal from within the CHR to view additional patient information. You connect to the Netcare Portal by clicking the Alberta Netcare Portal button in the patient's chart. When you switch to a different patient's chart, you must click the button again to update the information in the Netcare Portal web browser.

Before you can connect to the Alberta Netcare Portal, you must install the Citrix Workspace application on your workstation and have the Netcare Portal integration enabled and configured in the CHR. For more information, see Requirements to connect to the Netcare Portal from the CHR.


1. From the patient's chart, click the Alberta Netcare Portal icon.

📌 Note: If the patient does not have a valid Alberta ULI, a message appears that an Alberta ULI is required to launch the Alberta Netcare Portal.

2. A new web browser window opens to the Netcare EHR login page. Type your Netcare user name and your Netcare RSA SecurID passcode and then click Logon.

3. The Citrix Workspace application launches a new PLB (parameter launch browser) window. It appears as an Internet Explorer window. Your User ID is pre-populated for you. Enter your Netcare password in the Password field and then click Login.

4. If you are assigned to more than one facility, you are prompted to choose one.

5. The patient information appears in the Netcare Portal window.

6. Leave the web browser and Netcare (Citrix) windows open (you can minimize them) until you log out of the CHR. When you open a different patient's chart in the CHR, click the Alberta Netcare Portal button to view that patient's information in the portal (the Netcare Portal will not update automatically when you switch patients in the CHR).

7. When you log out of the CHR, you are also logged out of the Netcare Portal. Close the web browser and Citrix windows.

⚠️ Important: If you close the CHR browser window instead of logging out, you are not logged out of the Netcare Portal. Ensure you log out of the CHR by selecting your avatar and choosing Logout, or that you manually log out of the Netcare Portal when you are finished working in the CHR.

Updated June 3, 2022

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