You can send patients videos through Qnaires. You can either embed a youtube video or add a link that directs the patient to a video. This is useful when you want to send your patients educational materials to watch before or after completing a Qnaire.

You use the Section question type.


  1. From the Questions page within a new or existing Qnaire, click +New Question
    A New Content box with all the possible question types appears.

  2. Under Choose Type, Click Section.

    An Enter Section Title box appears.

  3. To add a heading above the video in the Qnaire, click Enter Section Title and type the heading.

  4. Click Question Subtext (Optional).

    An Edit Description window appears.

  5. To add more text, type in the text box.
    💡 Tip: You can format your text using the formatting bar at the top of the message body.

  6. To add a youtube URL, click the video icon in the formatting bar.

    An Add YouTube Video window appears.

  7. Type or paste the youtube URL in the Enter Youtube URL field and click Add Youtube Video.
    The YouTube video appears in the text box of the Edit Description window.

    📌 Note: Instead of embedding a YouTube video, you can add a video link (URL) to a website.
    a. From the Edit Description window click the link icon.

    b. Click Insert Link...

    c. Select URL and enter the website in the URL field and the description of the link in the Text field.
    d. If you want to direct the patient to a new tab, select Open link in new tab.

    e. Click Insert.

  8. Click Save and Close.

Updated June 10, 2022

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