CDM Medications Due dashboard

Chronic disease management dashboard for patients with a continuous medication due for renewal

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The Medications Due dashboard provides data on patients with a chronic condition that have been prescribed a continuous medication that may need to be renewed. This dashboard allows you to view general demographic information on these patients as well as information on the medication they have been prescribed.

For general information on how to use the CDM analytics dashboards, see Using CDM dashboards.


By default, the dashboard displays patients who:

  • Have an active provider

  • Have an active CDM diagnosis in their patient chart

  • Have been prescribed a continuous medication in the last year that is due for renewal (the end date has passed).

You can also filter according to the medication the patient was prescribed using the following filters:




Name of the medication. Select the is or contains condition and select the medication from the list.

Medication Start Date

Defaults to is in the last 365 days. Change this period as needed, for example if you want to see medication prescribed in the last 2 years, or the last 6 months.

Medication End Date

Defaults to is before 0 minutes ago, which means you see all medication that has expired as of now. If you would like to see medication that will soon expire, for example in the next 2 months, change the filter to is before 2 months from now.


Defaults to Yes to see a medication that has been set as continuous (and therefore does not disappear from the current medications list of the patient).

For more information on filters in CDM dashboards, see Overview of the Chronic disease management (CDM) dashboards.

Medications Report

This report lists patients with at least one continuous medication prescribed in the last year that is past its end date. The table shows basic demographic information, information on the continuous medication they have been prescribed as well as a list of all active problems found in the Medical History section of their Health Profile.

💡 Tip: To view the complete list of problems for a patient, double-click in the Problem List column and drag the bottom right corner of the cell to resize it.

📌 Note: If the patient is taking more than one continuous medication, they can appear multiple times in the table.

Updated October 28, 2022

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