Using CDM dashboards
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Using the Chronic disease management (CDM) analytics dashboards, you can track patients with complex diseases and see which percentage of them are compliant.

Each dashboard contains a number of reports that give you general demographic information on patients as well as information on their compliance for measures used to manage their chronic disease (labs, exams, medication, etc.). These reports can take the form of tables, bar charts or pie charts, for example.

For general information on the dashboards and a list of the available dashboards, see Overview of the CDM analytics dashboards.


  1. On the CHR main menu, click Analytics.

  2. In the Dashboards search field, enter CDM or Medications Due, and then select the desired dashboard.

  3. Set your filters (see the list of available filters). By default, the dashboard displays patients who have an active provider and an active diagnosis in their patient chart (the selected diagnosis depends on the dashboard, e.g. Asthma, COPD).

  4. At the top of the window, click the Load icon. The dashboard displays.

  5. To view patients that are non-compliant, click the red portion of any graph.

    A list of patients with their demographic and medical information appears.

  6. To access a patient chart, click the ID in the first column, then Patient chart. It opens in a new browser tab.

For more information, see Viewing analytics dashboard.

Updated October 28, 2022

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