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CHR Release Notes - version 22.13
CHR Release Notes - version 22.13

July 19, 2022

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What's new

TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) Instant Chat

We’ve upgraded the existing CHR Instant Chat tool with a new and improved instant version. The new instant chat offers enhanced security, performance, and increased flexibility.

You can use instant chat to send messages to your colleagues. It is ideal for quick notifications or discussions about daily tasks or events related to internal operations, such as letting your team know you’re running a bit behind.

For more information on instant chat and how to get it for your clinic, see CHR Instant chat.

📌 Note: If you were using our original instant chat tool, the Customer Success team has reached out to schedule an upgrade to the new instant chat feature.

Improving medication search by filtering out Formulary medications

Previously, when you created a prescription and searched for a medication to prescribe, any matching Formulary medication (which is set clinic-wide) displayed at the top of the search results along with your My Frequents.

We heard from clinics that many prescribers did not want to see Formulary results appear in their list of results at all (particularly with larger clinics and multi-specialty practices).

For individual users who do not wish to see Formulary results at all, you can now disable these from appearing when creating a prescription by going to Prescription settings, and selecting Exclude Formulary medications from medication search results. (CHR-12914)

Editing the prescription header

You can once again edit the provider name and license number directly in a prescription header.

To enable the editable prescription header for your system, contact the TELUS Health support team through the in-app support bubble.

Since a provider can only have one province and license number in their user profile, an editable prescription header enables providers working in multiple provinces to directly edit the license number to match the province where a patient lives.

In addition, the credentials of the provider now populate in the signature line. (CHR-12445)

Storing additional details when saving a frequent prescription

When you save a frequent medication from the prescription settings, the fields Continuous, Substitution not allowed, Do Not Autofill, and No renewals are now available, saving you further clicks and time. (CHR-7880)

PEI - Improved medication search result order and generic results

In Prince Edward Island, medication search now shows "starts with" search matches higher than "contains" matches.

  • For example, searching for "lant" now places "Lantus" above "Dilantin".

In Prince Edward Island, medication searches for generics now include brand name results.

  • Previously, generic searches only returned brand results if the generic name was part of the brand name in the medication database.

  • For example, now if you search for enoxaparin (a generic name) the search results show Lovenox (the brand of enoxaparin). (CHR-8981)

PEI - Auto-tagging incoming labs, clinical documents, and diagnostic imaging reports

In Prince Edward Island, in addition to incoming clinical documents and diagnostic imaging reports, new incoming lab results are now also automatically categorised with one of the following pre-configured tags:

  • (new for labs) Microbiology

  • (new for labs) Pathology

  • Consults

  • Emergency Documentation

  • Admission/ Discharge records

  • Special Testing

  • Surgical Procedures

  • Diagnostic Imaging

Any unmapped reports default to the Labs category/tab. The auto-tagged documents appear in the Patient Files section of the patient chart, filed under the corresponding tab for that tag.

You still have the option to manually tag reports. (CHR-12224)

📌 Note: All historical reports that were downloaded and tagged remain unchanged.

PEI - Accessing a restricted patient record from Referrals

In Prince Edward Island, you can now "break the glass" from Referrals to access a restricted patient record. You no longer need to navigate to the patient record first, just to break the glass and then access a referral. (CHR-12772)


Below is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. For more information, contact our TELUS Health support team.

  • The unsaved changes dialog no longer persists when you correct a vitals entry that did not meet validation rules and then attempt to navigate away from the encounter. (CHR-12676)

  • When you prescribe and edit a frequent or past medication, the system no longer adds a blank dose line or clears the quantity unit. (CHR-11490)

  • The prescription refill value no longer resets to zero when you search for and choose a frequent medication by pressing Enter {Return}. (CHR-8839)

Off-schedule release notes

Do you wonder at times if a bug you reported was fixed? We release new CHR versions every 2 weeks and include the improvements and bug fixes here in our main release notes. However, there are times when we release fixes before the next scheduled release. These off-schedule release fixes are documented here.

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