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Viewing the submission status of a CPAR panel
Viewing the submission status of a CPAR panel
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If a provider is registered for CPAR, their primary patient panel information will automatically be extracted from the CHR and sent to Alberta Netcare on the 15th of each month at 9:00 p.m. Mountain Time. You can check the submission status of any panel from the CII/CPAR settings. (You must have permissions for the CII/CPAR settings; for more information, see Modifying user permissions).

💡 Tip: If you specified a Failure Notification Recipient when setting up the panel, that user will receive a message in their inbox if a CPAR submission fails for that panel.


1. From the main menu, choose Settings > CII/CPAR > Submissions.

2. All CPAR panels appear, showing the date the submission was created, the number of patients in the panel submission, and the status of the last submission. If the submission failed, a brief description of the error is also shown.

📌 Note: If you added a new panel and it has not yet been submitted, it is included in the list of submissions but with no information.

There are several possible submission statuses:

  • Queued: The CPAR panel has been queued to be submitted - for example, if you are resubmitting a CPAR panel.

  • Pending: The CPAR panel has been submitted but is awaiting confirmation whether it was successful or not.

  • Submitted: The CPAR panel was successfully submitted to Alberta Netcare.

  • Failed: The CPAR panel failed to send to Alberta Netcare. A CPAR panel submission can occasionally fail for various reasons:

    • The panel name is more than 255 characters.

    • The panel’s practitioner does not have a Practitioner ID recorded.

    • The panel does not have any patients assigned to it.

    • A patient in the panel does not have a last visit date.

    • A patient in the panel does not have a confirmation date for the panel.

Updated August 5, 2022

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