Setting up your Zebra label printer
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Before you can print patient labels using a Zebra label printer with the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR), you must install the Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) printer configuration utility that came with your printer and Zebra’s Browser Print application.

The CHR is compatible with the Zebra GK420D model.

📌 Note: You must use labels with dimensions of 1" x 2 1/8" (or 25.4x54mm).

Steps to install the Zebra printer

  1. Install the Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) printer configuration utility that came with your printer.

  2. Connect the printer to your computer.

  3. Open the Zebra Setup Utilities application.

  4. Click Install New Printer and choose the printer.

Steps to install the Zebra Browser Print application and set your default printer

Zebra's Browser Print application is the bridge between the CHR and your label printer that runs in the background.

  1. Download Zebra's Browser Print application from their support site.

  2. Install Browser Print.

  3. Launch Browser Print and find its small application icon.

    • macOS: The menu bar in the top right.

    • Windows: The system tray in the bottom right.

  4. Right-click (Windows) or click (macOS) the Browser Print icon.

  5. Click Settings to open the Browser Print Settings window.

  6. Click Change to detect and set your default printer.

  7. Choose your printer from the list and click Set.

Steps to allow your CHR to access the printer

  1. Log into the CHR.

  2. From a patient chart, click Start/Open > Print Label.

  3. If your Zebra is connected, a pop-up window appears asking if you would like to accept the CHR URL as an accepted host for the Browser Print application.

  4. Select Yes to accept the CHR URL.

  5. After you accept, the Browser Print application lists your CHR URL under Accepted Hosts.

You can now print labels from the CHR. To learn more, see Printing patient labels.

For additional Zebra GK420D printer support, see Zebra's GK420D Desktop Printer support page.

For additional Zebra Browser Print application support, see the user guide on Zebra's Browser Print support page.

Updated July 29, 2022

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