⚠️ Important: The Brother QL-810W model is only supported on Windows computers.

Before you can print patient labels using a Zebra label printer with the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR), you must first install both the Brother's b-PAC Client Component and the CHR's Brother Web Service application on the computer.

These helper tools are the bridge between the CHR and your label printer that run in the background.

The CHR is compatible with the Brother QL-810W model.

📌 Note: You must use labels with minimum dimensions of 1" x 2 1/8".


  1. Confirm that the drivers for your Brother QL-810W are installed. The latest drivers are available from Brother's QL-810W support page.

  2. Download Brother's b-PAC Client Component from their support site.

  3. Install Brother's b-PAC Client Component to its default folder.

  4. Download CHR's Brother Web Service application from the help centre to any folder.

  5. Locate the ChrBrotherApp.exe file and double-click it to run.

  6. Confirm it is running in the bottom right system tray.

You can now print labels from the CHR. To learn more, see Printing patient labels.

For additional Brother QL-810W printer support, see Brother's QL-810W support page.

For additional Brother b-PAC Client Component support, see the user guide on Brother's b-PAC download page.

⚠️ Important: If you are troubleshooting with the support team, they may ask you to find or download Interop.bpac.dll from the help centre.

Updated November 18, 2022

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