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Deleting a consult report from Alberta Netcare
Deleting a consult report from Alberta Netcare
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If you have successfully sent a patient's consult report to Alberta Netcare (see Sending consult reports to Alberta Netcare via CII), you can later delete the report from the Patient Outbox. When you do this, the consult report in Alberta Netcare is replaced with a PDF indicating the original consult report was retracted. You can still see the original consult report in the patient's chart.


1. Open the patient's chart and then choose Start/Open > Patient Outbox.

📌 Note: You cannot delete a consult report from Alberta Netcare from the ordering provider's Outbox.

2. Locate the consult report entry that shows as sent to Netcare. Click the trash can icon in the Actions column to Delete from Netcare.

📌 Note: The button to delete is not available if the status of the consult report is pending or failed, or if the ordering provider is no longer enabled for CII for the location used when the consult report was originally sent to Netcare.

3. You are prompted to confirm you want to delete the consult report from Alberta Netcare. Click Continue.

4. The status is updated to Deleted - Pending.

📌 Note: The CHR checks every 5 minutes for data to send to Netcare, so the status may take several minutes to update from pending to the final status.

When viewing the consult report on Alberta Netcare, users will see a cancelled report. In the Patient Outbox and ordering provider's Outbox in the CHR, you will still see the original consult report that was sent.

Updated October 4, 2022

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