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Navigating your TELUS CHR Mobile inbox
Navigating your TELUS CHR Mobile inbox
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TELUS CHR Mobile gives you access to your inbox on the go. You can create, forward and reply to messages, view incoming faxes and lab results, and even filter your messages from your mobile device.


1. Select the Inbox icon from the main menu.

💡 Tip: A red circle with a number indicates how many new messages you have in your inbox.

2. Your inbox opens and defaults to today’s date.

📌 Note: You will only be able to open and view your own inbox.

💡 Tip: Select the date at the top or use the arrows to view inbox items for a different day.

3. Select an inbox item to open it. At the top of each message, the number of members in the conversation displays. To see who is in the conversation, select the link.

📌 Note: When opening a message or conversation, new messages appear at the bottom.

4. Depending on the item type (file, fax, lab) you can perform various actions by selecting the three dots at the top right of the message. For more information, see Viewing and managing TELUS CHR Mobile inbox items.

📌 Note: Currently, automated messages and Qnaires are only available through the CHR application.

5. To quickly reply to a message, open the message and select the reply icon at the bottom.

6. Select the filter icon to filter by message type or to customize your inbox view.

7. Select the + icon to upload a file or create a new message.

Updated November 8, 2022

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