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Population-based funding (British Columbia)
Configuring population-based funding in the CHR (British Columbia)
Configuring population-based funding in the CHR (British Columbia)
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Before you can use the CHR to register, de-register and bill patients in the population-based funding (PBF) model, TELUS Health must enable PBF for your system. Then you must enter your clinic's PBF payee number, facility number, and service location in the CHR if they aren't already.

📌 Note: Since the Teleplan billing settings are configured per user, each provider billing under the PBF model must enter the PBF payee number, facility number and service location in their Billing settings.


1. From the main menu, choose Settings > Billing and then, under Public Billing Providers, click the pencil icon to edit the Teleplan integration settings.

2. Enter your clinic's PBF payee number in the Payee Numbers field.

📌 Note: You must prefix the payee number with [PBF] for the CHR to recognize it as a PBF payee number.

3. Select a Service Location from the list. This is the location that will be used on bills that are automatically generated when you manage PBF registrations.

4. Enter your clinic's Facility Number.

5. Click Authenticate. The information you entered is verified with what TELUS Health has on file for you, and your changes are saved.

Updated November 17, 2022

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