Teleplan Remittance Files (B.C)
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Teleplan creates the remittance (RA) file in response to Teleplan claims submissions. RA files indicate which bills were paid, which were denied, how much was paid toward each, and explanatory codes or error codes.

RA files are available two weeks after the cut off date. They are uploaded into a fake patient chart for reference. The fake patient can be found by searching for Remittance Patient or Remittance Report depending on your setup.


  1. From the main menu, click Patients.

  2. At the top of the patient list, click the magnifying glass.

  3. Search by name for Remittance Patient/Report.

  4. Click Remittance Patient to open the chart.

  5. From the Start/Open menu, click Patient Files.

  6. Click the remittance file to open it.

    💡 Tips: The following information can be referenced from the Patient Files columns.

    • Owner is who the RA is for. If you have multiple providers, all RA’s are in the same fake patient unless otherwise specified for your clinic.

    • Uploaded Date can be used to reference what RA you are looking at.

  7. Click Download, the file downloads to your computer as a zip file.

  8. Click the downloaded zip file to unarchive/decompress it.

  9. Click the unzipped file, the RA report opens in your web browser.

For more information, refer to MSP remittance and cut off dates.

Updated December 1, 2022

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