CHR billing statuses (Manitoba)
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The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) uses statuses to indicate where your claim currently is in the billing process. There are statuses that apply before and after your claim has been submitted to Manitoba Health, and statuses that appear when a claim is returned from Manitoba Health.

Below is a summary of the Manitoba billing statuses for claims and billing items that you can see and use when creating and submitting claims.

When you create a claim in the CHR, the default claim status is either Draft or Ready. Refer to Changing the default billing status for your account for more information.

Claim Status



The bill is saved in the CHR. You can make changes to the bill.

When the claim is ready to be submitted to Manitoba Health, you must manually change the status of the claim to Ready to Submit.

Ready To Submit

The bill is complete (ready) and once saved without errors, it is automatically and immediately submitted to Manitoba Health.

The claim status changes to Submitted.

⚠️ Important: Your claim will not be submitted to Manitoba Health until the encounter is signed.

Attention Required - Invalid

When a bill is saved with status Ready to Submit, and the created bill cannot be submitted to Manitoba Billing (e.g diagnosis code is missing, the provider is not integrated with Manitoba Health, the health card is invalid), the status changes to Attention Required - Invalid.


Once your claim is successfully sent to Manitoba Health, the status changes to Submitted.

📌 Note: You cannot change this status or edit the bill at this point.

Once a claim has been processed by Manitoba Health, it is returned with a status of either Completed, Attention Required or Held. Any further communication with Manitoba Health will require paperwork and must always include the microfilm number.


The claim was paid in full by Manitoba Health.

Attention Required - Refused

The claim was rejected and returned in error. You must fix it and resubmit it to Manitoba Health, or delete it. Refer to Managing refused or invalid bills.


The claim requires manual review and is being held by Manitoba Health. You can’t make any changes to bills with the held status.

Updated March 20, 2023

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