You can add custom letterhead to letter and encounter notes, such as adding your clinic logo. When you print, fax, or send a PDF version of a letter or encounter, your letterhead appears at the top centre of each page of the document.

Each user can configure their own custom headers. You cannot configure a clinic-wide letterhead. The letterhead of the person who creates the letter or encouter is used, even if someone else later edits the letter. For example, if a provider creates a letter and an MOA edits it later, the provider's letterhead remains.

You can also choose to include the patient's demographics below the custom letterhead.

For best results, use a letterhead image that meets the following requirements:

  • .png or .jpg format

  • height of 180 pixels x width of 725 pixels, or with the same ratio

📌 Note: Account owners (typically TELUS Health) can choose to display the letterhead image and patient demographics only on the first page of the PDF for all users (Profile Settings > Documentation Header Preferences).


  1. From the main toolbar, click Settings > Templates > Custom Header

  2. Click Select Letterhead.

  3. Choose an image from your device and click Open. A preview appears.

  4. To automatically attach the patient's demographics below the header image, under Show Patient Demographics, click Enable.

  5. To save your new letterhear, refresh your browser (Press Ctrl {Cmd}+F).

Updated December 22, 2021

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