How to Set up Custom Letter Templates 

  • Click on the Settings Module, Select the Templates Menu Option. Click on Letter Tab.

  • Click on the Add Template Button to add a new Letter Template.

  • The Template Editor Window will open. 

  • In the General Tab, determine a name for the Letter Template (i.e Referral Letter, Time Off Work Letter). 

  • Click on the Insert Variable Button. 

  • Use the Insert Variable Button to auto populate information or directly type into the text box to create the content of the custom letter template. 

  • Enter the text and variables until the letter template is complete.

  • Use the Preferred Contacts Tab to automatically prompt the letter with a list of favourite contacts for this type of letter.

  • Click on the Add Contacts Button to add a new contact to the list.

  • Search for the Contact and Add the person to the list of Preferred Contacts for this letter type.

  • Once complete, Click on the Save Button to use the Template.

How to Use Custom Letter Templates 

  • Click on the Patient Dashboard and Select the Patient from the List.

  • Select the Letters Option from the Quick Menu.

  • Click on the New Letters Button to add a New Letter or Letter Template. 

  • To bring a Letter Template into the Letter, Click on the Templates Button.

  • Select the desired Letter Template from the Menu.

  • Click on Apply This Template.

  • Once the Template is applied, any blue variables will be filled in.

  • The Instant Variable fields (in orange) will need to be completed you have assigned to the Template.

  • Once all edits are completed, Click on the Save button. 

  • Choose to Send the message, as a Referral or Save as a PDF.

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