CHR Release Notes - version 23.4

March 02, 2023

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What’s new in the CHR

Visual notification when prescription quantities can’t be auto-calculated

To further enhance patient safety, when the CHR can’t auto-calculate quantity based on the dosage information, a visual indication is shown next to the Quantity field label. This is especially helpful when prescribing PRN medications without a duration.

For more information, refer to Creating prescriptions

Enhancement to the Health Profile List variable for encounters, letters and message templates

In addition to inserting Medical Conditions, Surgical History and Family History, you can now use the Health Profile List variable to insert a patient’s Social History and Risk Factors as a list. You can easily change the information in the list view without affecting the patient chart data.

PEI: Location-based access

⚠️ Important: This feature must be enabled by TELUS Health so the changes may not be immediately visible in your system. If you want it enabled, please contact your clinic administrator.

Location-specific eBooking requests only for selected schedules

By default, the Show filtered only toggle is off and shows the eBooking requests for all practitioners of the selected location. However, when viewing filtered schedules, click the toggle to only see eBooking requests for the selected schedules. For more information, see Managing requested appointments.

Location-specific folders settings

In Settings > Folders, you now see folders and users only for locations that you are a member of.


  • For non-Ontario clinics, when you bulk change billing statuses to Ready to Submit, a message appears only for bills with validation errors and their status isn’t updated. Status for all other bills in the batch is updated as expected.

  • When creating or editing private bills, Billing Practitioner is now a required field.

  • When stopping medications from an encounter, the Manage Medications window doesn’t automatically close.

  • In the History section of an encounter, when you click the table icon, none of the options are cut-off and all of them appear in the window.

  • When viewing patient charts in Summary view, accessing any other option from the Start/Open menu displays the split-screen view.

  • When managing clinic-wide frequent medications or your own list of frequently prescribed medications, your manually entered Quantity values are now saved.

Updated February 28, 2023

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