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Soft billing validation for insured payments (Alberta, PEI, Manitoba and B.C)
Soft billing validation for insured payments (Alberta, PEI, Manitoba and B.C)
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⚠️ Important: This setting only applies to Alberta HLink, PEI, Manitoba and British Columbia Teleplan.

Soft billing validation automatically checks bills against the provincial insurer to verify if any key information is missing, such as fee code or health card number.

With soft validation turned on, you can save the bill with validation errors; however, an error message is displayed in the bill and in the Status column of the main Insured Payments window.

With soft validation turned off, you receive an error and cannot save the bill.

To enable or disable this setting, refer to Customizing your insured payment settings.

Note: The CHR automatically checks the bill against its internal validation first to verify if any key information, such as a billing provider is not missing. If a bill is missing this information, you are unable to save it. A validation error appears.


  1. Create a bill as you normally would depending on the province you are billing from.

  2. Select the billing provider, they must have a billing integration.

  3. Update the Status to Ready to Submit.

  4. Click Save, and the bill is saved but not submitted. The status for bills with validation errors changes to Attention Required and the individual bill items have a status of Invalid.

  5. When you are ready, go back and fix the issue.

  6. Change the bill's Status back to Ready to Submit and it is submitted as usual.

    Note: If the bill is saved as Draft, no error message appears.

    Updated March 03, 2023

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