You can filter the list of all patients to easily find patients that have one or more patient status tag applied or not (see Applying status tags to a patient chart) and filter patients by their Primary Practitioner entered in their chart.

For example, if you use patient status tags to record whether a patient signed a consent form, you can find patients who HAVE or HAVE NOT signed the form.


1. On the CHR main toolbar, click Patients. The list of all patients in your CHR appears on the right side.

💡 Tip: To sort the patients by ascending date of birth or by date when they were registered in your CHR, click the column header. Click again to change the order to descending.

2. To filter the list of patients, in the top-right corner, click the filter button.

The Filter Patients window opens.

3. Specify the filter criteria and click Filter.

The patient list includes only the patients that meet your criteria.

Updated October 14, 2021

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