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Completing tasks in your TELUS CHR Connect virtual visit (for patients)
Completing tasks in your TELUS CHR Connect virtual visit (for patients)
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During your virtual visit, you may be assigned tasks to complete. When you have incomplete tasks, a yellow notification appears in the Tasks tab. You can also see any assigned tasks in the Chat.

These tasks may be assigned before, during, or after your visit. All tasks must be completed before you end your virtual visit.


  1. Start your virtual visit. For more information, refer to Attending virtual visits through TELUS Collaborative Health Record Connect.

  2. In the top-right corner, click the Tasks tab, or click the assigned tasks from the Chat. The Tasks section appears.

  3. Click the task you would like to complete, and a new window appears with the required action.

  4. Complete the required action; the table below describes them.




Read text from your provider.

Once completed, click Mark Complete.

Watch video

Watch a video provided by your provider. It may be hosted by your provider or on a third-party website like YouTube.

Once you’re done, click Mark Complete.


Complete any required Qnaires. The Qnaires can either be new or incomplete pre-visit Qnaires.


  1. The Qnaire opens in a new browser tab. If you are using the mobile app, it opens in the app.

  2. If you have multiple Qnaires:

    • A new window opens with a list of the required Qnaires.

    • Click Start. Once the first Qnaire is complete, any remaining Qnaires automatically open.

  3. When all Qnaires are completed, the task is automatically marked as completed.


Upload requested files. The file format must be JPG, PNG or PDF. Your provider may require a specific number of files or have a maximum allowed.


  1. Click click to browse and, from your device's library, select a file you would like to upload. 💡 Tip: If you are using a desktop computer you can Drag and drop your image(s) instead.

  2. Click Open and the file is attached.

  3. Click Send. The task is automatically marked as completed.

💡 Tip: Completed tasks appear in the Completed Tasks section. Your provider can see that you have completed your required tasks.

Updated September 11, 2023

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