Viewing PDFs and image files
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⚠️ Important: This is currently a beta feature. It will be available once the beta period is complete.

You can view, edit, annotate, print, download and share PDFs and image files (PNG, JPEG/JPG, TIFF/TIF) from your Inbox and the Patient Files section of the patient chart.

When you open a PDF or image file from your Inbox or the Patient Files section of a patient chart, at the top of the document, the following navigation options are available:

📌Note: When you generate a PDF in the CHR, for example, from prescriptions, encounters, or invoices, the navigation options below are available, except the annotation and editing tools. You can rotate the PDF.



Click to show the page thumbnails panel. To jump to a specific page, click its thumbnail. To hide the panel, click it again.

To view any current annotations you added to the document, click the arrow to the left of the Thumbnails icon and select Annotations.

From there, you can select the specific annotation to:

  • Edit it, or

  • Delete it by clicking the trash bin icon next to it, or in the top right corner of the formatting bar, or simply press delete on your keyboard.

Click the right or left arrows to navigate between pages.

Or type a page number to go to a specific page.

To move the document within the viewer – especially when zoomed in – click the pan mode hand icon and then click and drag the document.

This is useful when you, for example, zoom into an X-Ray and want to move over a specific area.

To adjust the page magnification, click the Zoom out or Zoom in buttons.

Click to view the document pages side by side. Click again to return to the single page view.

Click to add annotations like notes, signatures, and highlights to your document.

For example, when you receive a prescription refill request from a pharmacy, you can quickly add text and a signature to the document from your inbox and send it back to the pharmacy immediately.

Refer to Adding annotations to patient documents for more details.

Click to edit the pages of a document. Includes splitting, combining documents, and rotating or reordering pages of the document.

For example, you can split a hospital report that references multiple patients, into separate documents, saved to separate charts.

Or, if you receive a patient referral PDF with different types of documentation, you can save each part as a separate file in the patient's chart.

Refer to Editing patient documents for more information.

Click to download the PDF to your computer.

Click to print the PDF.

Click to find text within the PDF. Click and type the text you want to find in the Search Document field.

Use the arrows to move between the highlighted search results.

Click Close to navigate away from the search function.

Created June 20, 2023

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