Editing patient documents

Editing PDFs and image files

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⚠️ Important: This is currently a beta feature. It will be available once the beta period is complete.

Using the built-in PDF viewer and editor, you can easily split documents, combine documents, and rotate or reorder pages of a document.

For example, you can split a hospital report that references multiple patients into separate documents, saved to separate charts.

Or, if you receive a patient referral PDF with different types of documentation, you can save each part as a separate file in the patient's chart.

You can edit PDFs and image files (PNG, JPEG/JPG, TIFF/TIF) from either the Inbox or, once filed to the patient chart, from the Patient Files section. You can then either save the edited document or create a new document for the same or different patient. The workflow for both is the same.

You can also annotate patient documents making it easier to add notes, your signature, highlight important information, and collaborate with colleagues. For more information, refer to Adding annotations to patient documents.


1. From the main menu, click Inbox, or from the patient chart, click Start/Open > Patient Files.

2. Find and open a PDF document.

3. To edit the PDF, click the Document Editor icon.

A new window opens with the PDF editing tools.

📌 Tip: To quickly rotate a document, click the downward arrow next to the Document Editor icon and click Rotate Left or Rotate Right.

4. Click the pages you want to edit. A blue frame appears around the selected pages.

5. Use the icons at the top of the editor to perform the following editing options:



New Page

To add a blank page to the start of the document, click New Page.

Delete Pages

To remove unwanted pages, select one or more pages, then click Delete Pages.

This is helpful when you want to exclude cover pages or auxiliary pages.


To make copies of document pages, select one or more pages and click Duplicate.

The copied pages are labeled with the original page number and the number of copies in brackets.

Rotate Left and Rotate Right

Select one or more pages to rotate them individually, and click Rotate Left or Rotate Right.

To rotate the entire document, click the ellipsis > Select All and Rotate Left or Rotate Right.


Click and drag the pages to the desired position. A blue line indicates where the page will be placed when you release your pointer.


Select the pages you want to move and click Move Before, or Move After the neighboring page.


1. To change the position of one or more pages, select the pages and click Move.

2. In the text box that appears, type the number of the page that comes before the page you want to move, and click Move.

Import Document

To append another document to the existing one, select Import Document, and from the file explorer window, choose a file and click open.

Undo / Redo

To reverse or restore your most recent action, click the ellipsis and select Undo or Redo.

Select None / Select All

To select all the pages in the document, click Select All.

To clear all, click Select None.

6. If your document is assigned to a patient, to save the edits, click Apply.

7. If you have not assigned the document to a patient, or to create a new document, click Save As...

In the window that appears:

  • If the document is not assigned to a patient already, add a patient name, file details such as file name, description, or owner, and then click Save.

  • If the document is already assigned to a patient, to assign the new document to a different patient, click the patient name at the top and search for or add a new patient.

💡Tip: To split a document, delete pages in the editor that you don't want in the new document, then click Save As... to create a new document. For detailed steps, refer to Splitting a patient document.

8. You can now download, print, create a referral, share the file with internal or external recipients, or close it.

9. To return to the original document without saving your changes, click Cancel, or X.

The document with your edits is displayed in the Inbox and the Patient Files section of the patient chart. To locate the original version of the document without edits, or older versions with edits, go to the Patient Files section of the patient chart and view the document’s history. Refer to Viewing and modifying patient files.

Updated July 28, 2023

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