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Writing off, discounting, or refunding eClaims payments
Writing off, discounting, or refunding eClaims payments
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There may be times you need to write off, discount or refund eClaims payments. These actions reduce the amount originally charged or paid.

You add a discount when, for example, the provider offers a seasonal promotion on their services. Write off if, for example, a patient has an outstanding balance, or has moved away. Refund if, for example, a patient pre-paid for a service and then cancelled the visit, or you billed both the patient and insurer by mistake, and you want to refund the patient.

The steps to process all three are the same.


1. From a patient chart, click Start/Open > Insured Billing. The insured billing section opens, showing all insured billing items.

2. Next to the eClaim you want to write off, discount, or refund,in the Action column, click the Add payment dollar sign icon.

The Payment window appears.

3. Click + next to Refunded, Wrote off, or Discount and a new window appears.

4. Complete the payment details. The following table describes the fields.




Select a payment method from the list (e.g. Cash, Debit Card).

📌 Note: This field appears only if you are refunding a payment.


Type the amount you want to write off, refund or discount.

📌 Note: For write-offs, the amount defaults to the outstanding amount of the bill. For refunds, it defaults to the paid amount. Click to change the amount.

Processed Date

Defaults to today's date. To change the date the write off, discount, or refund was made, click the calendar icon.


Add an internal note associated with the change, for example, the reason for the refund, discount or write off.

This appears in the History section of the payment window.

5. Click Submit, and you return to the Payment window.

6. Click Close in the Payment window.

7. In order to filter the billing dashboard accurately for any outstanding claims, mark the claim as completed:

a. Verify that all the payments have been applied correctly and no further action/changes are required for the claim.

b. Open the claim.

c. In the Edit Insured Payment window, click the Status field and select Mark as Completed.

d. Click Save.

⚠️Important: When a claim or billing item is marked as Completed, you cannot make any changes to it, except record payment.

Updated August 23, 2023

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