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Generating a PDF invoice for eClaims
Generating a PDF invoice for eClaims
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If the insurance company only pays you partially, or if they pay the insured member directly, you can collect payment from the patient and record it in the CHR.

You can create a PDF invoice with or without a cover page, to print, email or fax to the patient. You can also download or save the invoice directly to the patient’s chart. This can be done before, at the time of payment, or after.


1. From the patient’s chart, click Start/Open > Insured Billing and click the claim you want to make an invoice for.

The Edit Insured Payment window opens.

2. At the top right corner, click the printer icon.

📌Note: If you want to add the PDF invoice to the Patient Files section of the patient's chart without previewing it, click the Save icon. You can also save the PDF invoice to the patient's chart after previewing it.

3. In the PDF Settings window, if you do not want to include a cover page, select None. To include a cover page, select it from the list. For more information on cover pages, see Adding a fax cover page to a PDF document.

💡 Tip: If you make any changes, you can Save as my default PDF settings so the selected options are remembered for the next time you generate a PDF invoice. If you do this, you may also want to select the checkbox Do not open this dialog by default, so you will not see this window going forward.

4. After specifying your PDF Settings, click Save.

5. The PDF invoice is generated and appears in a window. From here, you can download a copy of the PDF to your computer, change the PDF settings, print, email, or fax the invoice, or save to the patient's chart.

📌Note: You cannot edit the eClaims invoice template.

6. Click Close when you are finished.

Updated September 12, 2023

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