Booking group visits

Schedule appointments with multiple providers and/or multiple patients

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If an additional provider is required at an appointment, or if multiple patients will be seen as part of the same appointment (such as a pain management clinic or diabetes education session), you can book this as a single group appointment. The appointment will appear on the schedule of each provider involved.

📌 Note: If a provider is added to a group visit and the group visit overlaps with another appointment, a warning appears. If you intended to double book the provider, click Skip to continue booking the group visit. Otherwise, click Close and adjust the time of the group visit.


1. From Schedules, click +Add > Group Visit.

2. If you have more than one Location, select the location from the list.

3. Select either the Appointment Length (if no group visit templates are configured) or the group visit Appointment Type. For more information, see Creating group visit appointment types.

4. Select a time on the schedule. As you move your cursor over the schedule, a box appears where the appointment will be and shows the start and end time.

5. In the Group Visit window > General tab, enter the following information:



Group Name

A descriptive name for the group. If you selected a group visit appointment type, the group name is automatically populated.


Providers at your clinic who will participate in the visit. The provider whose schedule you are booking the appointment in is automatically entered for you. Click +Add to add more providers. Click x to remove a provider from the list.


If you have appointment tags configured, select any applicable tags.

Group Notes

Any notes that apply to the group as a whole, such as group objectives, topics of discussion, activities etc.


If you selected a group visit appointment type, it is pre-populated here. You can change it, if necessary.

Internal Status

The default appointment status for the group visit.


The maximum number of participants in the group visit. Select a number from the list (maximum 100).

Type of Patients Allowed to Book

Select the checkboxes to indicate whether New Patients and/or Existing Patients can book this type of visit.

Allow eBooking

Selected by default. Clear the checkbox if you do not want patients to be able to book this type of visit through eBooking.

6. If you already have patients who will attend the group visit, select the Patients tab to add patients. For more information, see Adding patients to a group visit.

7. Optionally, enter the Description to provide extra information to the patient, such as a summary of the purpose of the group. The description is visible to the patients when they are eBooking.

8. Add any Pre-Visit Qnaires and Reminders as you normally would for an appointment.

9. Click Save when you are finished. The group visit appears in the schedule of all providers booked in the visit, and indicates the number of patients currently registered for the visit.

Updated December 24, 2021

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