Creating group visit appointment types, allows you to schedule a group visit much quicker.

  • Navigate to Settings --> Scheduling --> Appointment Type

  • Create a Group Visit Template by clicking the "Add" button

  • The New Group Visit Type window will open where you can:

  1. enter the name of the group visit,

  2. select the length of the group visit

  3. add slots (number of patients in the group)

  4. select the default appointment statuses

  5. add group notes

  6. select the types of patients that are allowed to make an e-booking

  7. Allow or block (by unchecking the box) patients from making e-bookings

  • Once the template has been created, You will no longer be able to see the Appointment Length to select from in the Scheduling Dashboard. Instead, you will be able to select the Group Visit Type you created.

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