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Creating rooms for pathways and appointments
Creating rooms for pathways and appointments
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You can create rooms to track a patient's journey through the appointment process and monitor the flow of patient traffic. This is useful if you have multiple rooms or machinery used for the visit. Rooms appear in pathways and on the schedule.

On the schedule, you must assign the appointment status of In room (see appointment statuses). After selecting the In room status, you are prompted to choose a room from the list.

📌 Note: All appointment statuses display on the schedule. If you are in day view, the name of the room displays in full text. If you are in week view, only the icon displays but if you hover your cursor over the icon you see the room name.

In pathways, the room appears in the pathway card itself and is used only for physical appointments. (see Physical pathways).


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Room Management.

  2. Click Add Room. The New Room window opens.

  3. Under Name, enter the room name and under Color, select a colour.

  4. Click Save.

Updated June 15, 2022 

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